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BOM Matching

By comparing your BOM to our vast database we can highlight cost saving and profit-making opportunities.


Our trained staff are up to date with the latest methods of counterfeit detection, mitigating risk for you.

Profit (PPV) Opportunities

With our extensive database of BOM's, we cross match stock creating opportunities for positive PPV.

To ensure the quality, we specially offer the free value-added service before shipment

·Visual inspection

This involves an inspection of the physical appearance of the component to check for any physical defects.

·X-Ray Analysis

X-ray analysis is used to detect any internal defects or damages to the IC that may have escaped the visual inspection.

·Acetone Test

Regularly wipe the screen print on the front surface of the chip with a certain concentration of acetone, and the result is used to determine whether the surface of the chip is reprinted.

·Third Party Lab Test

Instead of relying on in-house testing by manufacturers, third-party lab testing ensures that the testing process is independent, unbiased, and reliable.